Today, finding a Web Site Design and Web Site Development Company — or a means to design and build your website — is not difficult. You have a wide variety of individuals and companies offering website design and website development services today, all over the world. And with today’s off-the-shelf and online site builder tools, it is true that just about anyone can design and build a website. But are they all the same?

The simple answer is NO! Nothing quite compares to a custom designed and developed website built by a reputable website design and web site development professional, at least according to the people who matter most – your site visitors, Internet experts and search engines.

  • Custom site graphics lend a more professional appeal to a site and make your site truly “one of a kind”
  • Custom crafted code is more efficient for search engines to traverse and more efficient to maintain
  • Custom defined website navigation and site structure unique to your site and your online needs makes your site easy to navigate by both users and the search engines
  • A well maintained website provides more visitor interest, and search engine attraction too – nothing compares to a custom website matched with a comprehensive website maintenance plan

I believe – and today’s experts also believe – that nothing compares to a custom crafted web site for professional appeal, business representation, lead generation and online reach.

When we agree in a web site business plan for your site, you buy a system of interrelated parts working towards a common goal. You don’t buy a bunch of files, photos or links. Your website development project includes analysis of your audience, your goals and needed functionality; design of individual components and their relationship to deliver your site in its entirety.

With a fully customized web site, you’ll enjoy…

  • Custom web site design and graphics – Enjoy a web site design made just for you!
  • Custom site navigation – A site structure that uniquely meets your online needs and allows for easy page access
  • Custom web site content – Revised and Enhanced content from your provided copy points, as search engine friendly as you want it!
  • Unlimited digital photography – With quality digital camera equipment as necessary
  • Protect yourself and your business – Your site includes a protective Privacy Statement, Legal Notice and Terms & Conditions page (as needed)
  • Online forms – From Online Inquiry forms to Customer Feedback forms to Online Job Applications, online forms can add an interactive nature to your site
  • Development for Internet, Intranet, and Extranet (as needed)
  • HTML, DHTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CGI, ASP, and PHP
  • Dynamic site development in ASP and PHP, with MySQL or SQL Server databases

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to create a new Web Site from scratch or you are looking for a professional analysis and recommendations for a complete redesign. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I guarantee you’ll have a response within the next business day.